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Far Cry 5 is an amazingly beautiful game, where Montana’s original world is very accurately reproduced.
With a very powerful game engine and a developed playground.
But, as is often the case with large projects, much remained behind the scenes and was not included in the final release, and a lot of things were implemented not in the way users would like to see.
And after completing all the missions outside the main scenario, the game becomes lifeless and empty.

The presented mod is designed to solve many of these problems and add features not included in the final release of the game.
Make the game interesting and exciting even outside the main scenario.
Far Cry 5 - deserves more and the Resistance-Mod gives you this opportunity.

You will be able to control the weather and time, respawn enemies and participants in the resistance, defend roadblocks, change spawn modes: from war to quiet nirvana, hunting and fishing.
Add new and unrealized items to the store. Edit weapon parameters and rewards. And much more. Here is a list of the main options (packages) of the mod, also, you don't have to run them all, just select what you want:

  • Add enemies after region is liberated.
  • Remove startup videos and epilepsy warnings.
  • Unlocked outfits, weapons and vehicles.
  • You can change Resistance Points as you want.
  • Allow you to visit Veterans Center in Whitetail Mountains (Only youuuu......).
  • Replaces music in New Game+ with the Father's theme "Build a Castle" (Reinterpretation); note: before start NG+ you need to be at Dutch's Island.
  • Unlock all perks; note: except Leaders GFH (Guns for Hire).
  • Replace the "Post-apocalypse" main menu background to the original.
  • Faster parachute open (you don't have to hold Space, just press it).
  • Faith will not disappear when you approach to her. She also will stay longer.
  • You are able to go inside Father's statue without destroying it.
  • All outposts will have Eden's Gate decorations also after liberating.
  • Change the passage of time (stopped, slow, fast, night lasts like day, etc.).
  • NPCs will have randomly selected weapon (no more only AR-C rifle).
  • Ability to remove the Montana intro video.
  • Unlocked weapons from beginning of the game. You don't need to get x level of resistance (but have to buy it :D).
  • Unlocks John / Faith / Jacob bunkers.
  • The Confession mission equipment fix (bug which was never fixed).
  • Option to set the high difficulty of passing the game (hard - infamous, health is not regenerated).
  • The Hope County - different weather, rain and morning fog! Weather randomly changes from sunny to rainy with fogs in the morning.
  • Restore train from intro "Chase" in the Henbane River.
  • Spawn pseudo-leaders! Dutch, Eli, Hurk Sr., Jerome, Hudson, Seeds, sectarians and many others - will become your brothers in arms.
  • Flashlight toggle. Use the flashlight whenever you want.
  • Disable DOF (depth of field) e.g. on weapons.
  • Radio will play also after you leave a car (optionally).
  • Remove cult music and preaching from outposts occupied by sectarians.
  • Defend Outpost - new mini-mission at outposts.
  • Replace the outfit of a Junior Deputy with an earlier version from the opening part of the game.
  • Remove Faith hallucinations from Henbane River.
  • Your mercenaries (GFH) will chat less (optional).
  • Restore flags on cult vehicles from E3 presentation.
  • Increased timer in Jacob's Trials and Clutch Nixon missions.
  • Corpses stay after you liberate an outpost.
  • Turkish translation for the game.
  • Skip intro missions and start new game right in Dutch's bunker.
  • Upgradable perks also in normal campaign.
  • Restored / ported weapons A.J.M.9 and Blood Dragon Bow with Rex Colt outfit from New-Dawn.
  • Some bugfixes for the game: discovery bug of dock at Nolan's shop; floating tree in Henbane River etc.
  • Package set Ceano's Movements (higher jump, can move in shallow water etc.).
  • skinning mod and takedowns from previous FC games.
  • and more...



  • ArmanIII (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • AOY (big help with mod stuff, some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • The Silver (some packages in the mod, his work is credited in each package)
  • MadMaxLis (icons for store items, some packages, her work is credited in each package)
  • LowPolyOWG (some packages in the mod, his work is credited in each package)
  • NutBuster (some packages in the mod, his work is credited in each package)
  • FouN (some packages in the mod, his work is credited in each package)
  • Tihocan (some packages in the mod, her work is credited in each package)
  • TASER (some packages in the mod, his work is credited in each package)
  • Demo (some packages in the mod, his work is credited in each package)
  • Tom362 (some packages in the mod, his work is credited in each package)
  • mlleemiles (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • legendhavoc175 (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • wongyuhua (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • ceano (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • VGoth (some packages, his work is credited in each package, description of the mod on its website)
  • Schrotflinte12 (some packages, his work is credited in each package, new strings in the game)
  • xBaebsae (some packages, her work is credited in each package)
  • AJ (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • Z_ (some packages, her work is credited in each package)
  • Ganic (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • mistemitsmit
  • vbiguine
  • Adlene

And others who I forgot to add!




You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances

You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files to improve it

You must get permission from me before you are allowed to use any of the assets in this file

To use Resistance, download first Mod Installer and then Resistance. Then unzip (extract) and move file "_FC5_Resistance.bin" to the folder ModifiedFilesFC5. Or drag "_FC5_Resistance.bin" and drop it into Mod Installer window. More info here.


Last updated: 2024-03-30 13:47 UTC

Version 4.49
Added Arcade Poster Replacer
Added Dont Swim in Shallow Water
Added No Arcade Icons
Added Weapon Pickup

Version 4.48
Added / Updated Vulkan API, E3 GFH Hud, Climate Flashlight

Version 4.47.4
Updated DD - Custom NPC Weapons Preset
Fixed Boom Box Radio Station for new CRS

Version 4.47.3
Added DLCZ Compass Texture

Version 4.47.2
Added Zero Reload Time

Version 4.47.1
Added No Arcade Machines

Version 4.47
Updated DD Weapons Preset
Updated Time Scale 24h

Version 4.46
Added Selling items plants
Added Clouds Shadows Fix
Added Anti Material Arrows

Version 4.45
Added Fishs

Version 4.44
Fixed No Capture Parties and Nolan Shop Dock Location Fix

Version 4.43
Added Increased Durability Melee
Updated Rewards - Reduced 0.33

Version 4.42.1
Fixed Christmas Winter Stuff

Version 4.42
Added Joseph Seed Inventory
Added Jerome Inventory
Added Nick Rye Inventory
Added Mary May Inventory
Updated More Loot FC5

Version 4.41
Added DD Weapons Preset
Added John Seed Inventory Fix
Added Shield Homeopathic Time
Added Joseph AR-C
Updated Arrow Damage

Version 4.40.1
Fixed some packages not showed up

Version 4.40
Added Friendly Priestess

Version 4.39
Added Cylindrical Suppressor Replacer
Added Map Soundtrack
Added Realistic Smoke

Version 4.38
Added Speed Cola FC5
Added Rapid Fire FC5

Version 4.37
Added Reduced Horizontal Recoil
Added No Bullet Spread
Added Increased Sprint and Swim Speeds
Added Unlimited Ammunition and Throwables
Added Faith Hit Effects
Added Flamethrower Unicorn
Added More Loot FC5
Added Arrow Damage

Version 4.36.2
Tweaks to GFH replace packages

Version 4.36.1
Fixed loading of package Proper Hit Effects

Version 4.36
Added Proper Hit Effects
Added FC5 Crosshair Customizer

Version 4.35.1
Fixed Carmina GFH dependencies

Version 4.35
Added Clean Vehicles
Added Vulkan API

Version 4.34
Tweaked all packages with scripts

Version 4.33.1
Added more options to Slow Motion

Version 4.33
Added Enhanced Stamina
Added Scalable Ironsight FOV
Added Time Scale 24h
Added Body Armor 5x Resistant
Added Rewards - Reduced 0.33

Version 4.32
Tweaked display text time in Spawner, Time Scale Changer, Weather System

Version 4.31
Added Adelaide's Zugspitz skin

Version 4.30
Added Custom Random Fighters Abilities
Rworked FOV unlocker

Version 4.29
Added No accessories military followers

Version 4.28
Updated ND animations

Version 4.27
Tweaked E3 Silos and Watering System - can be enabled together

Version 4.26
Some tweaks in packages descriptions

Version 4.25
Removed legacy Script Loader and added same Script Loader as in GPM and RKM

Version 4.24
Added Sights Changer

Version 4.23
Added Cult millionaires
Updated E3 UI Markers
Added Chinese lang to Mod Installer
Reworked update system in Mod Installer

Version 4.22.1
Added New Year Load Screens
Joined Christmas Load Screens into one package
Fixed freeze in Mod Installer

Version 4.22
Added Christmas heralds pictures on loading screens
Added Firework
Fixed some issues in Christmas Winter Stuff
Fixed FP view of a woman clothes in Whitetail Militia Clothes
Fixed snow for coop player in Weather System
Mod Installer tweaks

Version 4.21
Tweaked Falls End in Christmas Winter Stuff
Added Winter Fun map
Mod Installer tweaks
Fixed bug with 10 found snowmen

Version 4.20
Added FPS Glove Fix
Added more Christmas Winter Stuff
Added Winter Fun mission
Mod Installer tweaks

Version 4.19
Added Christmas Winter Stuff
Added Boom Box Radio Station
Added Spread Eagle Boom Box
Updated some packages
Fixed some problems with folders ModifiedFilesFC5_*
Mod Installer tweaks

Version 4.18
Tweaked Winter Time street lamps
Tweaked Falls End Christmas Tree
Finally updated ModifiedFiles dir names to fit other MIs

Version 4.17
Added Winter Time
Added Falls End Christmas Tree
Added Show Time
Fixed FC4 bag selection in Skinning Mod Base
Introducing no base packages requirement
Added Directories to info
Added options for prepacked

Version 4.16
Added support of RAR and 7zip packages
Added FC6 Photo Mode Frames
Tweaked Mod Installer

Version 4.15.2
Fixed Player Properties for coop player

Version 4.15.1
Fixed problem with verifying files

Version 4.15
Added Whitetail Militia Winter
Added Language Switcher
Tweaked verifying game files
Fixed drawing package pictures
Fixed problem with dialog boxes KB

Version 4.14
Tweaked Mod Installer UI
Tweaked No Snakes package
Fixed drag drop installing packages in Mod Installer
Fixed serious bug in SkipPack function in Mod Installer

Version 4.13.1
Fixed bug when missing bin_plus folder

Version 4.13
Added FOV unlockers for Uplay+ version
Tweaks in Mod Installer

Version 4.12
Added Remove New Location Sound
Fixed unlimited ammo bug in Defend Outpost for HoD

Version 4.11
Added some new tags to packages
Fixed some bugs in Mod Installer

Version 4.10
Added Remove John Broadcast
Added E3 Red Cult Plane
Added Jacob as Vaas
Added ImprovedShotgunSpread
Added FlamerRange
Added FullAutoDefault SMGs
Added FCZ Weapon Icons
Fixed Skinning Mod FC4 Meat Bag
Fixed some bugs in Mod Installer

Version 4.09.2
Fixed skinning packages

Version 4.09.1
Added bowmore anims
Fixed skinning packages

Version 4.09
Added Kick-Ass Binoculars
Added More Random GFH Slots
Added loading texts to Mod Installer
Fixed missing legs in DLC Clothes
Fixed missing valves at Sunrise farm in Watering System

Version 4.08
Added ND Weapon Wheel Texture
Added E3 SMG-11 ironsight FOV
Added Watering System
Forced unlock of P416
Fixed buy dialog in Store Items Homeopathics
Fixed Joseph's AR-C icon in store in Store Items Unreleased Light
Included NET into Mod Installer

Version 4.07.1
Fixed loading preset in Mod Installer

Version 4.07
Fixed model position in store in Cult Vehicles in Store and Civilian Vehicles
Fixed morning fog in Weather System
Fixed bug in Savegame manager

Version 4.06
Added Deputy Hurt Dialogue Fix
Added icons for Cult Clothes
Added more outfits to DLC Clothes
Added Deputies Clothes
Split Store Items Unreleased into two packages
Updated some desc on some packages
Tweaked E3 Compass Textures
Tweaked Third Person View
Fixed E3 UI rewards icons
Added see installed packages to Mod Installer
Fixed some bugs in Mod Installer