Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequent questions from last weeks:

If you get this error message:

then packages you added have own folder which means you can't just put them to ModifiedFiles folder. For example Libertad mod packages have ModifiedFilesFC6_Libertad, so you can't put them to ModifiedFilesFC6.



Packages files are in correct place.


Packages are in wrong folder, so remove them from this folder and look how to add them correctly.


After correct adding you will have next ModifiedFiles folder with new packages.

If you got an update for the game and you had installed mods before the update and now the game is crashing, then do this:

Go to the game directory and delete files patch.dat a patch.fat.

Now please verify files through Uplay.

After the process is completed, install mods again.


Note: Since this is only for czech language for FC6, rest of this will be in czech language.

Čeština pro Far Cry 6 je tvořena komunitou, používají vlastní aplikaci pro instalaci češtin do her a neumožňují externí sdílení češtin mimo jejich aplikaci. Toto plně respektujeme a doufáme také, že i Vy na toto budete myslet.

Pokud tedy chcete hrát FC6 s češtinou a zároveň si užívat mody, postupujte podle tohoto návodu.


1) Odinstalace modu a instalace češtiny

Nejdřív přes Mod Installer oddinstalujte všechny mody a poté ve složce hrou odstraňte soubory patch.dat a patch.fat.


Poté nainstalujte češtinu přes aplikaci


2) Vytvoření balíčku pro Mod Installer

Ze všeho nejdřív upozorním, že NEjsou potřeba žádné znalosti programování.

Stáhněte si FCBConverter a rozbalejte jej. Poté ve složce s hrou opět nejděte soubory patch.dat a patch.fat. Klikněte na soubor patch.fat a přesuňte jej na FCBConverter.exe.

Soubory se rozbalí do nové složky patch_unpacked.


Po rozbalení si stahněte tento prázdný balíček a otevřete jej jako ZIP. Ve složce patch_unpacked je složka languages, tuto složku vložte do stáhnutého balíčku.


Tímto je balíček hotov.

Složku patch_unpacked můžete smazat. Také nezapomeňte smazat soubory patch.dat a patch.fat.

Balíček přesuňte do ModifiedFilesFC6 ve složce s Mod Installerem.


3) Instalace modů

Nyní už zbývá jen nainstalovat mody - vyberte mody ktere chcete nainstalovat a take vyberte balíček "Čeština".



The Mod Installer is an easy tool for selecting mods (packages) and their installing to the game.


Before using Mod Installer, make sure you have clean, unmodified game files.
It's recommended to backup your saves after every gameplay. By this you can prevent from situations where something causes crash or is bugged.


Here is simple step by step usage:


1) Download

At first download Mod Installer. If you download full Resistance or Scavenger or Golden Path mod, then Mod Installer is already included in these mods, so you don't have to download it separately.


2) Extract downloaded ZIP file

After you download the zip, extract it anywhere in your PC, for example to desktop. ZIP file can be extracted even in Windows, so you do not need any extra software.


When the extracting finishes, go to the extracted folder and run the exe file.


3) Select the game

After you run the Mod Installer, it can ask you about language and selecting game. You can find it via Uplay:

Then return to Mod Installer and go to the game dir and then to bin folder:

Now Mod Installer is ready. You can select packages from the list.

Selected package is marked with ✓ and has colored border.

If there are packages which are marked with red X and has red border, it means they can't be enabled together or missing another required package to be enabled.

This is where you can find list of required packages. For easier enabling, click on "Select packages" above the list.


4) Installing mods / packages

After you select packages, click on the Install button on left bottom corner to install them.

If you will want to change selected packages, then run the Mod Installer again, select packages and again click to Install.
It's not required to uninstall mods and then install them again, simply click directly on Install.


5) Post install info

Once you installed packages, you can close Mod Installer. It isn't required to be running during playing. Packages are installed into the game files, so they stay installed until you uninstall them.

Mod Installer has integrated update system (UOTA - Update On The Air), so everytime when there is new version available, orange U button appear on right top corner.

Changelog is always displayed in description area when you hover over the U button.

You can also do manual update, simply download new version, extract it and copy SettingsFC.xml file to the new version's folder.

Please, never overwrite old folder with the new one, because there can be changed which can produce bugs.

Updates are optional, but if want to report bug, then make sure you're using latest version.

To uninstall all mods use button on center bottom side Uninstall mods. This will restore game files to their original state.

You can also remove all mods by verifying game files in Uplay:


Note: If you verify files in FC6, some files aren't verified because they aren't present in vanilla installation. So to fix this, please go to game install folder, then to data_final\pc\ and delete two files - patch.dat and patch.fat

If you download a mod and it has extension a3 or a4, move the file to ModifiedFiles directory in Mod Installer:

Some mods like Winter Hope County or Libertad mod has own ModifiedFiles directory.

To add it to Mod Installer, simply put the folder into the same as Mod Installer exe file. Just like this:

If you want to save your current selection of packages, you can create preset file, it will contain list of selected packages. You can create as many presets as you want.
It's also useful when you want to play coop - the second player should have enabled same packages, so you can make preset and send it to your partner.

If a preset contains package that isn't available at your PC, Mod Installer show a warning message which package is missing, but the preset will be loaded.


So, how to create preset file?

Open menu at right top.


Then click on T button.


Select a location where you want to save the preset file.


Now you have preset file.


How to load preset file?

There are two options - first is open the preet file with Mod Installer (Open with) or simply drag and drop the file into Mod Installer window, like this:

It will show message box with accepting you really want to load the preset. Take a note that it will overwrite your current selection of packages!

Mod Installer now contains savegame manager where you can backup your saves.


How to use it?

Open menu at right top.


Select profile folder

It means your Uplay profile's savegame directory. It's usually in the same directory as Uplay.exe, for example:

E:\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\*your Uplay ID*\

*your Uplay ID* - it is an unique ID in this format: XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX

After you select the folder, it will ask you about selecting service - Uplay or Steam.
If you select Uplay, it will ask you for select Worldwide or Russian market type.
This is required due to selecting right folder with saves.


Adding and removing saves

Now you can add current save game in the game to the list by clicking on "Add current save" or pressing "A" key. In the dialog enter a name for the savegame.

By clicking on "Delete selected" or pressing "Delete" key you will delete currectly selected savegame in the list.

By clicking on an item in the list, selected savegame will be copied to the game. Warning: you current savegame in the game will be overwrited.

Here are some fast fixes if you have problems with Mod Installer.

  • If you have your game installed in "Program Files" directory, run the Mod Installer as Administrator.
  • If you have Windows 7 and the Mod Installer doesn't want to start, please download KB2533623 for Windows 7.
  • If the Mod Installer keeps crashing, shutdown all apps like RivaTuner.
  • If you still have problems with running the Mod Installer, try delete directory "C:\Users\windows username\AppData\Local\Temp\.net\", this is possible bug in .NET Core which can be fixed only by Microsoft.
  • If you installed the mod and it got reset on second run, please check if Uplay or Steam didn't verified game files. If so, disable auto updates (Steam).
  • If game crashing or loading takes forever or the program shows wrong game files, go to Uplay or Steam and verify game files.

Just copy the file SettingsFC.xml in the folder with old version and paste and overwrite it in the folder with new version.

Just copy the file ModInstallerSavesFC.bin in the folder with old version and paste and overwrite it in the folder with new version.

Go to folder with old version, then open folder ModifiedFilesFC and copy the files "Z Rewards My Custom.a3", "Z My Sights.a3" and "Z My Weapons Stats.a3". Then go to folder with new version, open ModifiedFilesFC and paste and overwrite the files here.

Yes, you can. Mods were tested in coop (it means they're working). You can't play Arcade (FC5) with the mod.

Note: till today there were no reports about banning due to using mods, so it's probably OK. But still, it's NOT recommended to use mods when you play online Arcade.

In modding everybody at least once mentioned verifying game files. It's a process when the launcher (Uplay or Steam) will check game files and if they aren't original then it will download them again, so it will restore game files to their original state.

More here:
Uplay: Verifying game files in Ubisoft Connect PC
Steam: Verify Integrity of Game Files