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The Far Cry 6 Libertad Mod aims to fix most common issues and make the Far Cry 6 experience so much better.

Small list of what Libertad mod contains:

  • Bigger Fog of War Discovery
  • Civilians Kill Limit Remover
  • FOV unlocker
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • Language Switcher
  • More Default Abilities
  • Script Loader
  • Time Scale Changer
  • Weather System
  • Spawner
  • Clean Dani
  • Camps First Person View
  • Scripts - The Vanishing Outfit, Specialist Materials Pack, Danny Trejo Pseudo-GFH, Change Player Gender and more...
  • Unlock Bundles
  • Manual Save Game
  • Slow Motion
  • Allow Headgear In Cutscenes
  • FND Outfit, Jonrón's Outfit, Clara's Outfit, The Vanishing Outfit, Espada's Outfit
  • Supremo Invisible Appearance
  • Yara Moon Phase
  • Toggleable Flashlight
  • Defend Outpost mini-mission
  • 60 FPS Cutscenes
  • Unlock Black Market Weapons
  • Unlock Unique Weapons
  • Customiseable BlissRifle
  • Replay Paradise Lost
  • Replay Meet Maximas Matanzas
  • ...and more!



  • ArmanIII (discovery, data mods, magic)
  • AOY (big help with mod stuff, some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • RtroActiv (tools, first program for packing - without him the mod would never have come into being)
  • Tihocan (some packages, her work is credited in each package)
  • The Silver (many packages in the mod, his work is credited in each package)
  • MadMaxLis (icons for store items, some packages, her work is credited in each package)
  • mlleemiles (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • legendhavoc175 (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • wongyuhua (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • ceano (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • VGoth (some packages, his work is credited in each package, description of the mod on its website)
  • Schrotflinte12 (some packages, his work is credited in each package, new strings in the game)
  • xBaebsae (some packages, her work is credited in each package)
  • AJ (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • Ganic (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • FouN (some packages, his work is credited in each package)
  • mistemitsmit
  • vbiguine
  • Adlene

And others who I forgot to add!




You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances

You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files to improve it

You must get permission from me before you are allowed to use any of the assets in this file

To use Libertad, download first Mod Installer and then Libertad. Then unzip and move folder "ModifiedFilesFC6_Libertad" to the folder where do you have FC6ModInstaller.exe


Last updated: 2023-01-29 22:17 UTC

Version 1.41
Added Marquessa Villa to Defend Outpost
Added custom ID to spawn in Spawner
Fixed bug in no limit spawning in Spawner

Version 1.40.1
Fixed bug in Defend Outpost

Version 1.40
Added Breakable Trees Life Time
Added Remove Startup Videos
Added No Tagging Sound
Added missing bottom part of Los Pollos Hermanos to Unlock Bundles
Tweaked Defend Outpost
Fixed bug in unique NPC in Spawner, bug appeared after update 1.6.0

Version 1.39
Added Weapon Rebalance
Added Improved Shotgun Spread
Added Malagua Special Operation
Added Patriota's Peak to Sleep - Rest area
Added more outposts to Defend Outpost + Trejo GFH
Added Remove Encounter Spawns
Updated Weapon Fov Mod
Fixed outfit name in Clara's Outfit

Version 1.38
Added more outposts to Defend Outpost
Added Restore Dani & Danny VS Everybody
Added Libertad Mod Splash Screen
Fixed category in Unlock Bundles
Tweaked all packages with scripts - may can help with not loading bugs

Version 1.37
Added Improved MindBlower 1911
Added Onehanded 1911s
Added Sleep - Rest Area
Added Fractal Fai Set to Unlock Bundles
Added Journalist Outfit
Added Unlock Black Market Outfits
Updated WeaponFovMod

Version 1.36
Added Customiseable AutoCross
Added Customisable Kobracon
Added Replay Guerrilla Radio
Added Wet Surfaces
Added Remove FND Speakers
Updated WeaponFovMod
Updated Replay Meet Maximas Matanzas
Updated Replay Paradise Lost

Version 1.35
Added 60 FPS Cutscenes
Added Unlock Unique Weapons
Added Unlock Black Market Weapons
Added Motherland Set to Unlock Bundles

Version 1.34
Added Weapon Fov Mod
Added Customiseable Bliss Rifle
Added Female Hairstyles
Added Replay Meet Maximas Matanzas
Added Replay Paradise Lost

Version 1.33.1
Recreated Clara's Outfit as it was accidentally removed

Version 1.33
Added support of some packages in Special Operations
Fixed Yanqui Outfit in Special Operations

Version 1.32
Added some outpost to Defend Outpost
Added Yanqui Outfit
Added Always Enable Singing
Added Disable DOF

Version 1.31
Added Clouds Shadows
Added Lightning Color

Version 1.30.1
Added Longer Days, Longer Nights, Longer Days And Shorter Nights
Fixed texture mipmaps in Clean Dani pkgs

Version 1.30
Added Defend Outpost (BETA)
Added Refill Supremo script
Added Heat Level script
Fixed missing parts in Jonron's Outfit
Fixed bug in Keybindings Settings

Version 1.29.1
Fixed issue with hair when using NPC Outfits Base

Version 1.29
Added Espada's Outfit
Added Jonrón's Outfit
Added Flashlight
Tweaked some packages

Version 1.28.1
Minor edits

Version 1.28
Added Yara Moon Phase
Added Real Yara Coordinates
Added script Change Player Gender
Added Yami Suárez to Spawner

Version 1.27
Added Clara's Outfit
Added The Vanishing Outfit

Version 1.26
Added FND Outfit
Added Supremo Invisible Appearance
Fixed Spawner Num actions

Version 1.25
Added script The Vanishing Outfit
Added Clean Dani

Version 1.24
Added scripts Spray Cans Pack, Yaran Pesos Pack

Version 1.23
Added several items to Unlock Bundles
Added scripts - Specialist Materials Pack, Supremo Model Hide, Danny Trejo Pseudo-GFH
Tweaked some packages

Version 1.22
Added No Head Gear
Added Keybindings Settings
Added Allow Headgear In Cutscenes
Added Camps First Person View
Added Manual Save Game

Version 1.21
Added Unlock Bundles
Added Remove Chromatic Aberration

Version 1.20
Added pistoleros red berets
Added Customisable AJM9
Added MoreGunPowder
Added Disable clouds
Added Yaran ARMYxCortoMaltese ARMY
Added Russian Flora Digital
Added Yaran ARMY Green
Added performance packages
Rworked FOV unlocker

Version 1.19
Added no follow option to Spawner

Version 1.18
Added Spawner

Version 1.17
Added Car Radio

Version 1.16
Added Slow Motion
Added Slow Motion Inventory
Added Remove Epilepsy Warnings

Version 1.15
Added Weather System
Added Script Loader
Added Time Scale Changer

Version 1.14
Added More Default Abilities

Version 1.13
Added Enhanced Stamina

Version 1.12
Added Chinese lang to Mod Installer
Reworked update system in Mod Installer

Version 1.11
Added support of game version 1.3.1 hotfix

Version 1.10
Added support of game version 1.3.1

Version 1.09
Added support of game version 1.3.0

Version 1.08
Mod Installer tweaks

Version 1.07
Introducing no base packages requirement
Added Directories to info
Added options for prepacked

Version 1.06.2
Fixed bug caused by bad compilation of the app

Version 1.06.1
Added support of game version 1.2.1

Version 1.06
Added support of RAR and 7zip packages
Tweaked Mod Installer

Version 1.05.3
Fixed bad detecting of installpkg_hd

Version 1.05.2
Removed checking of upc_r2_loader64.dll

Version 1.05.1
Fixed problem with verifying files

Version 1.05
Added support of game version 1.2.0
Added Language Switcher
Fixed problem with dialog boxes KB