Build your own creations


Sandbox mod for FC5, ND and FC6 is pack of tools which can help you create your own creations in the game. You can place new objects, you can also use groups from editor (more below). Result you can use as package.



First install package "Sandbox". The Sandbox mod uses all keys on numpad and all F keys.

You need to add objects which you will want to use. Create new file EditorObjects.txt with defined archetype IDs of objects. Place the file to game dir root. Every ID on new line.

Now you're ready to use the Sandbox in the game. Here are basic keybindings:

  • Use F1 to create new object, hit again for select next object (more below).
  • Use F2 to place and save the object.
  • Use F3 to cancel selected object.
  • Use F4 to create group of objects from file EditorGroup.txt (more below). Then use F2 to place the group. F3 to cancel it.
  • Use F5 to run own script defined in EditorScript.lua (more below).
  • Use F6 to load saved objects from file Editor.txt.
  • Use F7 to skip 1 hour
  • Use F8 to remove 1 hour

Here are keybindings for manipulating the object:

  • Num 0 - Move object up, on Z axis
  • Num 1 - Move object down, on Z axis
  • Num 2 - Move object far, from player
  • Num 3 - Move object close, to player
  • Num 4 - Rotate on +X axis
  • Num 7 - Rotate on -X axis
  • Num 5 - Rotate on +Y axis
  • Num 8 - Rotate on -Y axis
  • Num 6 - Rotate on +Z axis
  • Num 9 - Rotate on -Z axis
  • Num + - Increase stepping
  • Num - - Decrease stepping


Adding archetypes

To create an object you need to add one or more archetypes ID.
Once you get an ID, create a file EditorObjects.txt and place it to game dir root.
Put every ID on new line.



You can load grouped objects from editor, you can get them on
Note: some groups can't be loaded fully because some objects in the editor aren't available in base game. This needs more work with porting objects from editor to base game.
To convert fallen ninja groups for Sandbox, simply drag and drop the downloaded file with group over Sandbox2Package.exe.

To add group, create a file EditorGroup.txt and place the file to game dir root. Every object is on new line.
File uses this format:
archetype ID, pos X, pos Y, pos Z, rot X, rot Y, rot Z

For example:


Loading saved creations

Every placed object is automatically saved to a file Editor.txt.
If you want to load your creation, hit F6. Currently placed objects will not be removed, so it means if you hit F6 more times, it will create new object and it can overlap previous one.

Saved creations has format:
archetype ID, pos X, pos Y, pos Z, rot X, rot Y, rot Z


Custom script

You can use your own scripts. Create a new file EditorScript.lua and place the file to game dir root.
You can use any script command, but not those which requires script entity instance.


Convert creation to a group

If you have a creation and want use it as group, simply rename Editor.txt to EditorConvert.txt.
Drap and drop the EditorConvert.txt over Sandbox2Package.exe.


Custom creation to package

If you want to use your creation in normal gameplay, you can convert it to a package and install it using Mod Installer.
To do such thing, simply drag and drop the Editor.txt over the Sandbox2Package.exe. It will create a package.



Created by ArmanIII


Support development


To run Sandbox2Package.exe app, you need to install .NET 7.



You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances

You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files to improve it

You must get permission from me before you are allowed to use any of the assets in this file


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