Far Cry New Dawn Mod Installer




Mod Installer (MI) is a program for easy installing mods to Far Cry New Dawn game. MI uses mods which are called packages and use a3 format. Using MI you can install those packages into the game.


Guide and step by step you can find here.



  • ArmanIII (discovery, data mods, magic)
  • AOY (Hebrew language of Mod Installer)
  • RtroActiv (tools, first program for packing - without him the mod would never have come into being)
  • VGoth (Russian language of Mod Installer)
  • Schrotflinte12 (German language of Mod Installer)
  • Steve64b (Dutch language of Mod Installer)
  • OWGKID (Norwegian language of Mod Installer)
  • Blue1516 (Chinese language of Mod Installer)
Special thanks
  • rengareng
  • SunBeam
  • Norway1999
  • Gibbed
  • Ekey

And others who I forgot to add!


Support development




Version 20220402-1300
Fixed adding new save in Savegame Manager

Version 20220322-2300
Some tweaks

Version 20220302-1730
Added support of latest Steam version

Version 20220223-0000
Added Slovak language
Some tweaks

Version 20220215-1815
Added support for update from 2022-02-15

Version 20220130-0000
Fixed Chinese lang in Mod Installer
Tweaked update system in Mod Installer

Version 20220124-1900
Added Chinese lang to Mod Installer
Reworked update system in Mod Installer