Far Cry Primal Mod Installer




Mod Installer (MI) is a program for easy installing mods to Far Cry Primal game. MI uses mods which are called packages and use a3 format. Using MI you can install those packages into the game.


Guide and step by step you can find here.



  • ArmanIII (discovery, data mods, magic)
  • AOY (Hebrew language of Mod Installer)
  • RtroActiv (tools, first program for packing - without him the mod would never have come into being)
  • VGoth (Russian language of Mod Installer)
  • Schrotflinte12 (German language of Mod Installer)
  • Nick0Taylor (special ammo damage in the Weapon Editor)
  • cowlick035 (found where are defined weapon sight params)
  • Steve64b (Dutch language of Mod Installer)
  • OWGKID (Norwegian language of Mod Installer)
  • Blue1516 (Chinese language of Mod Installer)
Special thanks
  • rengareng
  • SunBeam
  • Norway1999
  • Gibbed
  • Ekey

And others who I forgot to add!


Support development




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How to verify Mod Installer is correct.


Last updated: 2023-01-18 22:21 UTC

Version 20230118-2300
Tweaked multithread installing process

Version 20221223-1100
Minor tweak - updated .NET version
Fixed possible bug in verifying files
Some tweaks for processing packages
Tweaked depload replacer

Version 20221107-1900
Fixed missing string
Fixed possible bug in reloading packages

Version 20221014-2300
Tweaked some UI behavior
Fixed possible bug with UTF8 during loading packages
Fixed bug in ToDatFile definition

Version 20220925-1700
Added Author tag
Some UI tweaks
Tweaked XML engine

Version 20220906-0000
Fixed some UI behaviours
Fixed scripts

Version 20220903-1130
Added scripts
Fixed dialog animations

Version 20220828-9000
Fixed binary replace condition

Version 20220826-2200
Added multithreaded installing packages
Added Steam autodetect game
Fixed possible error during loading packages
UI tweaks

Version 20220815-1700
Fixed oasis processing

Version 20220811-0000
Minor tweaks

Version 20220810-1800
First public release