Mod Installer CMD




Command line version of Mod Installer.


How to use

There are two required parameters - game and path:

game - defines what game is selected
path - path to the game exe file

Then there are optional parameters:

packages - list of packages which will be packed
restore - uninstall all mods and restore game files to their original state


ModInstallerCMD.exe -game=fc5 -path="e:\Far Cry 5\bin\FarCry5.exe" -packages="Remove Startup Videos.a3;Weather System.a3|Weather=7;Script Loader.a3;Languages Resistance.a3;Keybindings Faster Parachute.a3"


Prepacked files

Please read Mod Installer tutorials to know how prepacked works.

Drag drop the folder over the exe or launch it like this:

ModInstallerCMD.exe "e:\myprep_prepacked"

To unpack prepacked, drag drop myprep_prepacked.xml over the exe or launch it like this:

ModInstallerCMD.exe "e:\myprep_prepacked.xml"


Define list of packages


"Weather System.a3|Weather=1,Snow=1;Show Time.a3"

So it means that package "Weather System.a3" will be selected and its option "Summer Weather" will be "Rain and fog" and "Winter Weather" will be "Snow".
Package "Show Time.a3" will be selected too, but it doesn't have any options.

| is separator for defining package options
, is separator for options
; is separator for packages


Return codes

The MI process returns codes after it exits.

0 - Default exit code.
100 - Bad launch params!
101 - Some package was not loaded correctly.
102 - Some package is for different game.
103 - Game directory is not writable.
104 - A package has own ModifiedFiles folder.
200 - Selected game directory has bad game version.
201 - Game directory was not found. Try verify files.
202 - Game data looks broken. Verify files.
203 - Mod Installer was not able to read game data files.
204 - It looks the game got an update. Mod Installer doesn't have support of it.
205 - Backup of game data files is broken, so it was removed. Verify files.
206 - An error happened during reading game data files.
207 - It looks the game got an update or Mod Installer had small tweak.
208 - Game data files aren't complete. Verify files.
209 - Mod Installer can't write to game files.
210 - Game data folder doesn't exist.
300 - Game files restored.
400 - There is a collision in packages.
404 - There were some duplicated IDs in configs.
405 - There was an error during packing.
406 - Packing was cancelled.
407 - Error occured during processing replace packages.



Created by ArmanIII


Support development




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How to verify Mod Installer is correct.


Last updated: 2024-05-26 22:00 UTC

Version 20240527-0000
Updated libraries

Version 20231208-1800
Updated binaries

Version 20231022-1600
Bumped to the same as UI version

Version 20231008-1600
Added Epic version of FC5
Fixed FC6 v1.5.0

Version 20231005-1700
Added support of FC6 v1.5.0

Version 20230926-1900
Minor tweaks

Version 20230914-1900
Minor tweaks

Version 20230908-1800
Added processing templates inside templates

Version 20230902-1100
Minor fixes

Version 20230827-1800
Fixed bug when replacer had defined wrong unknown file
Fixed path for uppercase and lowercase letters

Version 20230813-1200
A lot of internal edits and tweaks

Version 20230630-1715
Fixed parsing BinHex values
Added field array replace
Fixed bug when duplicated IDs were detected
Added FC6 LBW support
Fixed bug when installing some packages
Fixed issue with Replace if file didn't exist and Option was not selected
Cleaned code
Fixed bug in verifying selected packages
Added support of new FC3 Steam build
Fixed issue with selecting packages with OnlyOne
Added support for new Custom Radio Station
Reworked processing options
Fixed applying selected packages from installed list
Fixed installing a4 packages

Version 20230523-1800
Minor tweaks

Version 20230520-0130
Added missing depload names for FC3
Tweaked loading packages
Updated UnRAR lib to 6.21
Fixed possible bug when a package contains two options with same ID

Version 20230421-1900
Added CannotBeEnabledWith
Fixed bug in template processing
Some tweaks and fixes

Version 20230407-1515
Fix for loading old packages
Fixed bug when using Overwrite with ToDatFiles

Version 20230401-1700
Reworked options
Fixed issue in options in templates
Added safe restoring game files if MI crashed during installation
Added Options to template IDs
Added Options to object and field name and hash

Version 20230318-1500
Added support of non-BinHex primaryKey
Added support of fields and objects with name only
Fixed processing of soundinfo.bin - issue with custom radio stations

Version 20230214-1800
Added support of FC6 version 1.7.0

Version 20230212-1330
Added support for FC2
Tweaked replacer for soundinfo.bin file

Version 20230111-0100
Tweaked multithread installing process
Tweaked replacer for soundinfo.bin file

Version 20221223-1100
Tweaked depload replacer

Version 20221220-0100
Some tweaks for processing packages

Version 20221130-1800
Fixed possible bug in verifying files

Version 20221129-2300
Added support of game version 1.6.0

Version 20221127-1700
Minor tweak - updated .NET version

Version 20221101-0000
Other minor tweaks

Version 20221009-1700
Fixed possible bug with UTF8 during loading packages

Version 20221002-0000
Fixed bug in ToDatFile definition

Version 20220925-1700
Added Author tag
Tweaked XML engine

Version 20220906-0000
Small fixes

Version 20220903-1130
Small fixes

Version 20220828-9000
Fixed binary replace condition

Version 20220815-1700
Fixed oasis processing in FCP

Version 20220811-0000
Removed unused assets
Reworked binary replace
Other minor tweaks

Version 20220725-2300
Fixed verifying selected packages

Version 20220722-1800
Minor fix in credits

Version 20220722-0900
Added background videos
Added ability to install external files
Reworked language selection window
Fixed bug in generating credits

Version 20220713-0000
Fixed bug in verifying files in FC3 and FC4

Version 20220710-2000
Fixed small issue

Version 20220710-1200
Fixed possible bug in packing

Version 20220707-1400
Fixed bug in packing

Version 20220707-1030
Added support of FC5 version 1.016
Added support of FCND version 1.0.7
Faster packing a4 packages
Reworked packing and loading packages
Added ability to pack to more DATs

Version 20220616-1700
First release